Whiskey Pete & Metaphase – BASS HUSTLE MIXTAPE

Dubsteppers 02/25/2013 0
Whiskey Pete & Metaphase – BASS HUSTLE MIXTAPE

LA’s hardest, hustling rapper Whiskey Pete is back at it again with another brand new mixtape that is guaranteed to blow speakers and snap necks.

Pete has been bass hustling all over the place with his new label, Switchblade Recordings.  The label has been releasing all different types of multi genre bangers that have been slaying clubs, raves and parties worldwide.  This time around Whiskey Pete decided to get real grimey so he took all his recent dubstep and drumstep tracks and has had top notch dj and cutting edge producer, Metaphase, compile them into one continuous mixtape that sets the standard for pure bass domination.



Track List–

  1. Metaphase X Whiskey Pete-Total Destruction *Switchblade Recordings 
  2. Hot Mess X Whiskey Pete-Wild & Reckless *Switchblade Recordings 
  3. Figure X Whiskey Pete-Cut Throat (Urban Assault Remix) 
  4. Whiskey Pete-10 Dub Commandments (William Van Dyke Original Mix) 
  5. Metaphase X Whiskey Pete-Contract Killer *Switchblade Recordings 
  6. The Damn Bell Doors X Whiskey Pete-Crush Skulls 
  7. Kill City X Whiskey Pete-Get It Gritty *Switchblade Recordings 
  8. The Juggernaut X Whiskey Pete-California Dreamin *Switchblade Recordings 
  9. TJR X Whiskey Pete-Face Melt (Doctor Warewolf Remix) 
  10. Barron X Whiskey Pete-Fight Night *Switchblade Recordings 
  11. Liberty X Whiskey Pete-Thunderfist (Trowa Remix)

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