Dabin – Mirrormask EP

Dubsteppers 06/15/2013 0
Dabin – Mirrormask EP

While tracking down a band of zombies in an abandoned village, Dabin comes across old tomes mentioning an ancient, magical artifact called the Mirrormask, made of an unknown glass-like material.  When the suns rays bounce off the mask, they have the power to create any objects and structures the wearer imagines.  Dabin, hoping to rebuild his destroyed home, Electropolitics, decides to seek out the Mirrormask.  To find it, he must venture through the forsaken tunnels underneath the ruins of Electropolitics, tunnels crawling with hordes of hungry Infected.

Fresh off his high-energy Electro House release with Black Tiger Sex Machine; Jack Dat Body, Dabin returns to the melodic Dubstep style that has made him an artist to watch in the EDM scene.
With the first track “Mirrormask“, Dabin once again manages to strike the perfect balance between chilled-out breakdowns and aggressive bass drops.  An epic collection of synth swells, guitar strums and piano melodies, Mirrormask fuses the blissful vocals of two amazing singers.  South Caroline artist Koda, who previously collaborated with Dabin on the The Take Down, and CoMa, a self-described Vocalist/Producer/FaeChild from Los Angeles.  Also don’t you dare forget the remix the trio producers from the US, Audeka did.  They turned the already amazing tune into a sick dizzying neuro bass nightmare.



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