Datsik – Cold Blooded EP [Review]

Dubsteppers 01/22/2013 0
Datsik – Cold Blooded EP [Review]

Datsik is back with a vengeance with his EP Cold Blooded – Part I (Firepower Records).
The titled track sets the tone of the EP perfectly as it sends you into a whirlwind of catchy synths and bass we all love.  With an understated horn pulse over a slow, tight drum beat, “Automatik” feat. Messinian delivers a sound straight out of the repertoire of Method Man.  The collaborative result of “Machete” feat. Snak the Ripper & Young Sin however, is far off from the last two.  A Wu-Tang Clan flow dominates this track and proves the hardest yet.  There are no worries in drinking the Kool-aid with this next track cause it comes served chilled in a box.  “Juicebox” showcases the wide-range of styles Datsik is capable of producing.  “Vindicate” showcases the collaboration power of Datsik & Excision which never disappoints!  Crunchy bass & body bouncing melody is what you will be hearing on this tune.  “Release Me” uses its vocal samples to good effect and has a nice two part feel to it.  We love the use of fading in “Too Late to Say No” and vocal overlapping really ties it all together.

This EP is obviously only the first part of a larger project, and we can’t wait for the rest, and neither should you!



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