Kill The Noise – BLACK MAGIC EP [Review]

Dubsteppers 11/06/2012 0
Kill The Noise – BLACK MAGIC EP [Review]

Kill The Noise is back (hide yo’ kids!) with another sick release, BLACK MAGIC EP (OWSLA Official).
The title track conjures up the sort of darkness we’ve come to expect (or fear?) from KTN.  It begins with a Medieval-esque era vocal chant, but quickly returns you to the 21st century with nothing but brutal and metal-inspired drops.  Want some Reggae? Check out “Jump Ya Body” (Dub Mix).  It will immediately have you pumped.  Unlike the last, KTN surely took his time in developing the energy in “Rockers.“  But the opening groove and creeping bass is dope enough to keep you going until that zenith arrives.  “Mosh It Up” will certainly not be making any metal show appearances, but it will nonetheless split some heads. “Thumbs Up” (For Rock N’ Roll) alongside Feed Me is no doubt a standout track for its diverse and segmented sound.  However, “Saturn” alongside Brillz and Minxx is the cleanest track on the EP.  “To Be Continued” alongside Evan Duffy serves as the coda to the ending of “Saturn.“  A solo piano, amidst several deceptive motions and tonicizations, meanders through a dense palette of sound through the duration of the track, never able to find home.  The ambiance is almost transcendent, its emotional stasis contemplative, and the journey sublime.  As if its title did not immediately give it away, the final chord leaves none questioning as it is left fully unresolved, begging for a resolution that KTN will hopefully fulfill with his next EP.


Kill The Noise at FOUNDATION NIGHTCLUB in Seattle WA.  November 09, 2012


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