Killbot – Sound Surgery [Review]

Dubsteppers 10/26/2012 0
Killbot – Sound Surgery [Review]

Do you like metal?  Do you like Dubstep?  Killbot.  KILLBOT.  KILLBOT!  Jonathan Davis aka JDevil(from Korn) Sluggo, and Tyler Blue give us their newest EP ‘Sound Surgery’ [Dim Mak Records].  Vocal samples are no longer needed with Davis at the mic.  With his voice, “Feel Alive” really brings a rawness to the EDM scene that had definitely been previously lacking.  We did not think metal could get any heavier but then again, it’s missing a drop. “I’ll Fuck It” more than satisfies this need for a combination of the two.  Fuck, it’s heavy.  The title track “Sound Surgery” has the tightest groove and hook plus it really showcases the EDM talent of this “metalstep” group.  Also “Wrecked” is nothing short of a quintessential heavy electronic track.

With this release, Killbot no doubt comprises the “supervillains of EDM”.


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