Mister Black – Moral Decay EP [Review]

Dubsteppers 11/03/2012 0
Mister Black – Moral Decay EP [Review]

Mister Black‘s Moral Decay EP (Future Follower Records) is now out and we are hyped.
With its heavy vocal samples, the title track serves as a narrative warning us of the continuing decay of morality around us all.  Black is no doubt the “proprietor of bass” here.  CAUTION: It WILL shake the walls around you.  “Heavy Foota” possesses the groove to end all grooves, and the way he develops it is sick.  A one-minute-long crescendo? Come on! “I don’t” could mean any number of things.  The sample elaborates with “I don’t…need you” but it could just as well have been “I don’t…make crappy music.”  Score another for Black with this track.  “Moral Decay” (Catex remix) takes an already good track and makes it better, what more could you ask for?

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