Noah D – Fire Alarm EP [Review]

Dubsteppers 12/20/2012 0
Noah D – Fire Alarm EP [Review]

Noah D‘s latest EP entitled Fire Alarm (Smog Records) is out, and we are hyped!  Like most of you, we like us some 808 bass, and on the title track, Noah D delivers a straight-up, hip-hop inspired beat that crushes.  There is no better way to create a beat that is both hard and chill, but using that Jamaican bass sure is a good start, and “Limitless” manages to do just that.  Then, as if to acknowledge his own production prowess (as he should), Noah hits us up with “Nuthin2it”, complete with some big brass.  “Seductive” is a track that is as slick as it is hypnotic.  Noah’s passion for looping a track’s hook here is really indicative of the LP as a whole, where the groove is constantly hard yet forever chill.

Still debating whether or not to cope this EP?  Well stop.  Man up, pull that Fire Alarm, and like Noah once did long ago, prepare yourself for the impending flood!




Noah D - Nuthin2it

Noah D – Nuthin2it

“In April of this year I put out my first full length album entitled, Perspective. In my eyes that album marked the first step into the next phase of my career as a musician.  Diverse electronic music with tons of urban flavor, diverse moods and structures and ALWAYS heavy bass weight! The Fire Alarm EP is the next step into this realm and is basically me sounding the alarm…… here I come. I had sooo much fun making these tunes and I hope you guys enjoy them just as much!”

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