Play Me Records – New Blood of Bass Vol. 4

Dubsteppers 08/29/2013 0
Play Me Records – New Blood of Bass Vol. 4

Play me Records released its 4th volume of their beloved New Blood series.  This 20 track EP takes the compilation to the next level, but their principle still remains..

“scour the earth to uncover the freshest producers you haven’t heard of yet and smash them together for one hard hitting compilation across the spectrum of bass music”

Dubstep, Trap, Drum n’ Bass, Glitch-Hop & Electro-House, you name it.  These talented producers have got it covered!




  1. David Quinn – ASDF 
  2. Notixx – Styrofoam Cup 
  3. RSK – The Bells 
  4. Dirty Stab & Avensi feat. BBK – Take it Home 
  5. DM Galaxy – Alive 
  6. Sam F – Grey 
  7. JVN – Ventus 
  8. Matt Lange – Fission 
  9. Sirkit – Leveled Energy 
  10. Gangsta Fun – Turn it Up 
  11. Tenu Ark & I – Man Lives Alone 
  12. PLAYDEAD – Inside of You feat. Vuk Lazar 
  13. Kick the Habit – Don’t Touch My 
  14. Exhorth – Arena 
  15. King Hong – Funk 
  16. Unix (UK) – Cup 
  17. Beatstatic – Leaving the Lights 
  18. J Cawte – Flow 
  19. Astrio – Orbital 
  20. Al3x Taylor – Drop

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