Rekoil – Reloaded EP [Review]

Dubsteppers 10/26/2012 0
Rekoil – Reloaded EP [Review]

Rekoil returns with his newest EP Reloaded (Firepower Records).  Rekoil gives a slight nod to Nas in the opening track “4-matic”, so be prepared to “crack your whole cabbage” with this one.  “Fat Tub of Goo” is slick as hell and begins straight away with the grimiest bass and syncopated ostinato.  The interludes even bump some Pitbull-like Reggaeton.  “Pretzel Twista” assures us that our life support is still working (listen, you’ll understand).  How Rekoil remixes “Pistol Grip” is fantastic.  This track simply has it all, and its dynamic range is very thoroughly developed.  Were a general to choose any song to prepare an intruding army for battle, “Doomsday” would no doubt be it.  Snare cadences and military horn…Come on, this track is brutal!  Alongside Symbiotic, Rekoil saves his best for last with “One Last Time” feat. Maksim.  I am having trouble even describing the level of depth in the bass in this one, so I won’t even try.

Life’s a bitch, but this EP helps kick its ass.

Also Rekoil just hit 5k on Facebook, so he is releasing a new tune (below) for the fans called Subscape – Screw Up (Rekoil’s Drumstep Bootleg)

Rekoil–  Facebook   Soundcloud

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