Urban Assault – Turn Up The Bass EP [Review]

Dubsteppers 10/16/2012 1
Urban Assault – Turn Up The Bass EP [Review]

Out now is Urban Assault‘s newest EP Turn Up the Bass (Heavy Artillery Records).
“Burn” opens the onslaught with drumming that would have Neil Peart take notice.  The development of this track is what truly stands out as you listen from beginning to end.  The most hyped track however, is no doubt “Rescue Me”.  After a dark piano introduction and seemingly limitless synth crescendo, the electronic destruction apexes and never ceases.  The title track is less of a suggestion and more of a compulsion as these highly skilled DJs assure that “the bass line is always front and center” in their music.  Wub womp womp womp!

Urban Assault–  Facebook   Soundcloud   Twitter  urbanassaultmusic

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