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Las Vegas, NV - STUDIO DMI—led by Grammy Award-nominated EDM mixing and mastering engineer Luca “Digital Boy” Pretolesi and Ronnie F. Lee—elevates every recording that hits its board to the next level.

Engineering, mixing, and mastering are treated as art forms in their own right at the leading boutique Las Vegas studio, and each practice is carefully executed to preserve the integrity of the artist’s original vision. Currently, they’re refining the process of adding “finishing touches” to a song unlike anybody else in the business.

Boasting over 20 years of experience, 125 production credits, countless worldwide gigs, Grammy Award nominations and 1 million records sold, Pretolesi remains a well-respected electronic dance music pioneer. He infuses this experience as an artist and producer into his singular mixing and mastering technique. Rather than simply follow a traditional style, he blends classic production hallmarks from the ’80s and ’90s with modern panache, in-depth sound design, and mixing. As a result, his work pops vibrantly out of the speakers.

The best of the best continually seek out Pretolesi and STUDIO DMI when they want to finalize their records. More and more, this is becoming the last stop on a record’s journey to completion. STUDIO DMI is where records go to be perfected.

Recently, Pretolesi‘s talents have been called upon by Major LazerSnoop LionSteve AokiDiplo, ZeddFlorence + the MachineBruno MarsJason MrazBlack BootsDiploDuran Duran, and countless others. For SnoopPretolesi proved integral in helping to transition the legendary rapper’s sound into a new genre. His personal hybrid approach maintains the artist’s integrity, while adding a 21st century EDM sheen that only he can conjure. EDM has become increasingly embraced by the masses, and it’s a viable genre more now than ever. At STUDIO DMI, they don’t simply follow the trends, they lead the way for the future.

About this unique process, Pretolesi explains, “In the past, a DJ wasn’t considered an artist. Now, he is. I view the engineer the same way. We’re trying to put emphasis on the engineer as a creative presence, when it comes to making music. We’re here to heighten the quality of the music. The sound needs to be clean, dynamic, and resound with the public.”

All of their output continues to resound loudly with the public too, and this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for much more from Luca “Digital Boy” Pretolesi and STUDIO DMI.

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